QXP-4706 Event-driven microservices with Vert.x and Kubernetes | Devoxx US

Event-driven microservices with Vert.x and Kubernetes


cloud Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Grand Ballroom 220B

Wednesday from 3:30 PM til 4:00 PM

Vert.x is a toolkit for building reactive application on the JVM. You can quickly create Proxies and Aggregators for you microservices or you can build your entire architecture using Vert.X. With the awesome cluster capabilities of Vert.X, provided by Hazelcast, you can even create scaling architectures without involving 3d party tools for service discovery. You can run this architecture locally or move it easily to the cloud.

In this talk you will learn about the architecture of event-driven microservices, how to use the Vert.X event bus to create them, how to scale them using Hazelcast and how to deploy them in a Kubernetes cluster to benefit of it’s deployment, scaling and failover capabilities.

Andy Moncsek Andy Moncsek

Andy Moncsek is a software engineer and passionate Java developer since 2004. He enjoys programming with all kinds of JVM languages and frameworks. Currently he is working for Trivadis AG Switzerland as a Java / JEE consultant. He is the project-owner of JacpFX an UI application framework based on JavaFX and VXMS, a microservice framework on top of Vert.x.