RQL-8052 Effective Unit Testing | Devoxx US
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Grand Ballroom 220A

Thursday from 11:00 AM til 11:50 AM

You've been bitten by the testing bug, are thoroughly test infected. Excellent! You're undoubtedly producing more robust, less buggy software faster and at lower cost. Now it’s time to think about what makes unit tests even better. We’ll discuss flakiness, debuggability, reproducibility, speed, specificity, independence, timing, and other characteristics of effective unit tests. Examples will be in Java and JUnit, but the principles apply generally to all languages and test frameworks.

Elliotte Rusty Harold Elliotte Rusty Harold

When not laboring in his secret identity of a mild-mannered software developer, Elliotte Rusty Harold lives in a secret mountaintop laboratory on a large island off the East Coast of the United States with his wife Beth and dog Thor. He’s an avid birder and insect photographer. His fiction has appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Crossed Genres, Daily Science Fiction, and numerous anthologies. He’s also written over twenty non-fiction books for various publishers including Addison-Wesley, O'Reilly, Wiley, and Prentice Hall. His most recent books are Java Network Programming, 4th edition, and JavaMail API, both from O’Reilly. Find him as @elharo on Twitter or at http://www.elharo.com/blog/