SCK-7142 Kotlin, Android's Secret Weapon | Devoxx US

Kotlin, Android's Secret Weapon


mobile Mobile & Embedded

LL 21 A

Wednesday from 11:20 AM til 12:10 PM

Kotlin hit version 1.0 in early 2016 but it stands out as a concise and capable JVM language for making Android apps. In addition to being 100% Java compatible, Kotlin brings along null safety, data classes with automatic property accessors/modifiers, first-class functions, and lambdas to Android development. You can even use Kotlin for your Gradle build scripts.

In this session, you'll learn about Kotlin and the specific features and libraries that make it a great match for Android development.

James Williams James Williams

James Williams works as the Android Nanodegree Team Lead at Udacity where he has created Android and Web development courses and leads the development of Android content. When James is not learning new tech, you can find him rolling around in the mud at an obstacle course run.