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Eclipse Collections Kata - a fun way to learn the feature-rich collections framework

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java Java Language

LL 21 A

Tuesday from 2:00 PM til 5:30 PM

In this tutorial session, the audience will learn Eclipse Collections by going through the Eclipse Collections Kata. This kata is set up as a series of unit tests which fail. The participants will make them pass using Eclipse Collections. The instructors will discuss the solutions live and explain the concepts behind the iteration patterns in greater detail.

Iteration patterns with Java 8 streams patterns, basic refactoring techniques and memory, performance comparisons will be covered in the tutorial.

Eclipse Collections (formerly known as GS Collections) is an open-source Java collections framework which supplements JDK collections. It was migrated to Eclipse foundation in October 2015. Eclipse collections has both object and primitive containers; rich APIs available for eager and lazy iteration patterns; mutable and immutable collections; and additional container types not available in the JDK, such as Bag and Multimap.

For more information on Eclipse Collections visit:

Nikhil Nanivadekar Nikhil Nanivadekar

Nikhil Nanivadekar is a contributor to Eclipse Collections as well as GS Collections. He graduated from University of Utah with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering in 2012 and joined Goldman Sachs upon graduation. He is a fourth-year engineer in Private Wealth Management Technology.

Donald Raab Donald Raab

Donald Raab works in the Application Platform Services team at BNY Mellon in Jersey City. Donald is a member of the Java Specification Request (JSR) 335 Expert Group (Libraries) and has presented at JavaOne, EclipseCon, GIDS and the JVM Language Summit. He created the Eclipse Collections Java library which was originally open sourced as GS Collections in 2012 and migrated to the Eclipse Foundation in 2015.