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The Life and Death of an Android Activity


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Tuesday from 4:30 PM til 5:20 PM

To Android users, an Activity object is an app. And yet, Android developers have little control over the life and death of activities at run time. Take a journey with me to experience what happens to an Activity’s state and view at runtime in relation to what the user (and the operating system itself) is doing. We will discuss considerations you should make based on this knowledge when designing and building your app. Regardless of whether or are an Android developer or not, you will walk away from this talk with a strong understanding of the most fundamental piece of Android applications.

Kristin Marsicano Kristin Marsicano

Kristin Marsicano is an Android developer at Big Nerd Ranch, and the co-author of Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide. Prior to working at Big Nerd Ranch, Kristin spent five years teaching introductory Computer Science courses at Georgia Tech. Always an educator at heart, she is passionate about learning, software development, and the intersection of the two. When she is not teaching or developing apps, you can find Kristin cooking for her growing family, doing yoga, or learning something new (like gardening).