WXD-4203 Cloud Machine Learning APIs for fun and profit with Harry Potter | Devoxx US

Cloud Machine Learning APIs for fun and profit with Harry Potter


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LL 20 D

Thursday from 1:50 PM til 2:40 PM

The entranceways to the dorms at Hogwarts were guarded by paintings that talked and asked for passwords. In this talk, see a real-world Harry Potter style personal 'security' system that can understand spoken passwords and see the people and objects that wish to gain entrance. Learn about how machine learning APIs will enable the next generation of smart devices, and explore other applications of machine learning in the real-world, both in present and in the future.

Yufeng Guo Yufeng Guo

Yufeng has been building computers since elementary school and lives at the intersection of hardware and software. As a Google Developer Advocate, Yufeng bridges the gap between the developer community and engineering teams. He is interested in combining IoT devices, big data, and machine learning, and loves learning new technologies. When he's not tinkering, you can find him running on the road or the track training for his next race. Previously, he was a software developer at Bloomberg where he wrote custom CRM software and equity research tools. Yufeng earned a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Sensors and Instrumentation from Johns Hopkins University, where he graduated with departmental honors.