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Typing in Java, Kotlin and Scala: A quick comparison


lang Programming Languages

LL 20 C

Tuesday from 10:30 AM til 11:20 AM

There are several languages which are powered by the JVM. What are the main differences between their type systems? This session will compare bytecode generated by Java, Kotlin and Scala, analyse compilation and execution time, and explore the behaviour of generics and type inference. We will compare and contrast code samples to help understand how each of these languages handle types.

Hanneli Tavante Hanneli Tavante

Hanneli is a software developer. With experience in Java, C++ and Ruby, she works mostly with backend development and project architecture. She contributes to some open source projects and organises Cassandra, Science and Rust meetups in Sao Paulo. She enjoys spreading the knowledge and learning new topics in conferences around the globe. She also likes coffee, GIFs, Lego and Mathematics.

Breandan Considine Breandan Considine

Breandan is an engineer and developer advocate. He is interested in language education, human-computer interaction and developer tools. Breandan enjoys teaching about new techniques in machine learning, meeting people at conferences and learning from talented software developers. You can find him @breandan or bre@ndan.co - your feedback is welcome!