XHS-8466 Taking Eclipse Che to the Enterprise | Devoxx US

Taking Eclipse Che to the Enterprise


cloud Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

LL 21 B

Wednesday from 10:20 AM til 11:10 AM

Hundreds of thousands of developers have been excited by Eclipse Che and are looking for how best to use it in their team or organization. This short session will show how teams and enterprises can benefit from JIRA and Jenkins integrations, workspace automation and DevOps management controls to support 5 to 50,000 developers with Codenvy. Outline of the additional capabilities Codenvy adds to Eclipse Che Demo: Che-compatible workspace integrated with JIRA and Jenkins Case studies from our customers

Brad Micklea Brad Micklea

I am someone who dislikes 3rd person bios, but who loves technology. I run marketing and customer success for Codenvy and am an Eclipse Che committer. I've spent my whole career putting myself in positions between users, the business and developers.