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Tackling Performance Issues with YourKit


method_archi Methodology & Architecture

LL 21 B

Wednesday from 3:30 PM til 4:00 PM

Performance bottlenecks are often in places one would never expect and arise when code is used in a different scale than during development. To really identify where performance gets lost and could be improved, an application has to be profiled. The JDK provides already some tools like jvisualvm that could be used and come for free. However, I will show that the commercial profiler YourKit is worth consideration and should be in every developer's toolbelt. Therefore some real-world profile snapshots will be used to demonstrate how bottlenecks in code can be identified and solved.

Karsten Thoms Karsten Thoms

Karsten works as a software architect for itemis and has more than 16 years experience in technological consulting. He has strong expertise in model based engineering with a focus on domain specific languages and code generation. Karsten has worked in over 50 projects of all sizes and branches, writes articles and blogs and speaks frequently on international conferences. At itemis he is responsible for driving the open source development of the Xtext project. Besides his work Karsten loves to play with his two daughters, plays Handball and enjoys to watch soccer in the stadium.