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Elasticsearch + Hibernate: from artisanal to industrial integration


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Wednesday from 5:30 PM til 6:00 PM

Elasticsearch is a highly scalable search engine and simple to deploy.

One of the challenges is to keep the data source (e.g. RDBMS) and the Elasticsearch index synchronized all the time. And yes it is more complicated than you think.

Hibernate ORM is very popular to persist data in RDBMSes from Java.

Wouldn’t it be good if Hibernate ORM could automatically push all changes to Elasticsearch? Wouldn’t it be good if Elasticsearch queries could return domain model objects like a HQL query?

Please welcome the latest feature of Hibernate Search, come discover via this tools in action how the Elasticsearch and Hibernate universes are joined and why such combination is so useful.

Emmanuel Bernard Emmanuel Bernard

Emmanuel Bernard is data platform architect for the JBoss portfolio at Red Hat getting his open source hands in Hibernate, Infinispan, Debezium and more.

He had founded and lead Hibernate Search, Validator and OGM and participated to the Bean Validation spec (as lead) and the JPA one (as expert).

Nowadays his focus revolves around NoSQL, analytics and streams of data.

He is the founder and co-host of two podcasts: JBoss Community Asylum (English) and Les Cast Codeurs Podcast (French).